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Looking at life as it passes me by, letting people come and go in my life.

April 15 2014, 7am

...4 days ago

The mun's writing is thoughtful and creative, with research and detail cleverly placed into her muses. Having great story lines. Being able to adapt muses to when they meet new muses. Brilliant, refreshing, patient. So happy when this mun replys.


Anonymously send the mun what you really think of them.

{[ A—-Ah—!? Oh gosh someone’s noticed that I do research on a lot of my muses and stuff and that hit me hard in the doki’s because it takes hours of research not gonna lie here. Ububu;;; Bless you nonnie -smooches to death- ]}

Thank you beautiful ♥ have always said you are gifted and talented in your writing ♥
☆ yes it is noticed that you are very good at researching the muses back history and their lives ☆


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